Battle Planet!

Jozeph Ahvazi Ghatea
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In a Galaxy where there are Many competing staffering peoples that come in different forms both Physical and political. The galaxy is filled with political intrigue and war. These Galactic nations come in many form such as Republics, Dictatorships, Monarchies and all other forms of Sci Fi Goodness.

In this galaxy some of these nations have become more powerful than you could even imagine. stretching for thousands upon thousands of star systems. Having Larger Armies, and Greater number of starships than you can even count. Needless to say this Galaxy was filled with Greed, Envy, War and destruction. So much so that they could no longer fight each other, for it would mean destruction for all in the galaxy. But they could not stand the thought of tollerating Each Other. So they came up with a solution, Battle Planet. Each galactic Year they would have a fight. they would fight for a month but only on one planet. The winner of this Galactic competition would be the winner of that Star system and could keep it for all internity or until someone contested it. The fighting would last for a month and The arena (Planet) Would change from year to year. It was Chosen at random three Galactic Months Before the scheduled Fight.

So that the empires only had a limited time of which they could prepare new tactics, Weapons and other Technologies. Every sort of weapon was allowed apart from the Planet Busting Class.

However These planets altho randomly chosen it could not be just any planet, not only from a selected group of approved locations, these would mostly be Planets that had Significant amounts of Resources or some other strategic Importance and even for its terrain. Every Battle Planet had a Designated score for its importance so that each empire could based on their own interest decide how much to commit to the battle.

This lead to a Problem of Empires sometimes not even showing up for they have either so Litle or Non existent Intrest in that Planet.

Actually it has Happend many times that an empire was Decleard the WInner before any fighting had taken place. This was bad for several reasons first of which it made the Battles les interesting to watch since there were no fighting but even worse than that it looked bad for the organiseres. And made the whole idea of Battle Planet less appealing. for the whole reason for its existence was for empires to fight without killing the Galaxy as a whole.

And what happens when these empires lose interest or trust in the games? Well they see no reason to participate, but they would not stop their blood lust, so they would invade others in the Standard fashion and We would be In a Burning galaxy.

So Only The planets with the highest score are chosen So that Means inhabited or inhabitable planets with lots of strategically valuable resources and a strategically valuable Position.

This whould lead to the planet sometimes belonging to another intelligent species either Spacefaring or not. Which gave the Game a third victory condition. that the natives, Won. But this was almost laughable, so laughable it became a Meme amongst the galactic community, so it became a fun statistic to see how many of each Empires Soldiers Died to natives.

Before the fights the organizers would build great galleries to watch the battles on the Battle Planet From above, Many of the Galactic Elite watched while the popules of these empires Watched from their home planets or From above in their starships. This was a galactic wide event that all watched together. It had continued like this for tens of thousands of years and it worked out well.

But that would all change during one season where they fought on the wrong planet. For this too was an inhabited planet. No they were not spaceferring but nevertheless they were vicious. This wasn’t the first time this had happened That some of the competitors died to natives, but never to this Scale.

The Battle had to be called off after The natives were masecuring the invading forces. They had to make a full retreat. It was an embarrassment to the galaxy when all of its Might and power was rested on one species, on one planet, in the far depths of space all alone, it fought back with a veracious might.. They did not even have Ranged weapons, You could imagine that These empires Did not take lightly to being embarrassed on the Galactic stage. So another Invading force was sent to Destroy the natives. But yet again these natives fought back and won, and yet again the Empires Retreated. This continued until the empires gave up on this planet and gave the Victory to the planet and declared it unconquerable.

But that did not sit right with the galactic Community since this Planet and its Solar system was vightly important for its strategic location and Resources.

But they could not shake the fact that these people, these Savages Won against The entire Might of The Galaxy.

So they sent a new invading force, but this time it was not soldiers with guns. but Scientist With Clipboards. They were sent by all the empires to Figure out Who these Aliens Where.

They soon found out that they had A Flurishing Society, They had no Ranged weapons not because they could not build them since they were that stupid, but rather that they saw no need for them.

One Scientist Asked Why they had not Built Spaceships yet? And one native said Why would we build them?

The scientist was Startled. Are you not Curious? he asked nervously

Yes but only in the ways of strength not this Space Crap

So you see no reason to travel the stars?


Not even to conquer them?



Why would we bother fighting Toddlers?

You insufferable Savage! You have no idea who you are talking with. I am a Great scientist From an even greater Empire! We are so vast and plentiful with resources and weapons that are so effective and destructive they could wipe out your entire planet and your species. You would be very careful with your words if you did understand.

Yes You are a great scientist that knows many things of how the Universe itself operates. I can see that by how many papers you have on your wall. And yes I do know that your empire is great in its resources and weapons But Niether you nor they as ahole could conquer one measly little backwards planet. That is Your words, your thoughts not ours.

The scientist Was Startled for the native made sense how was it that with all of our might we could not conquer a people that has no Weapons other than spears and Shields.

You must now see. The native continued. that with your view the world and galaxy and the stars and planets does not make sense if with all of your Stars and Guns and Ships and men you could not defeat us. so i ask you Why did we defeat you?

The Scientist Was Silent. he had no words. he had no thoughts, other than.

We were not powerful enough To defeat you

Correct. said The Native.



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